Energetic Realignment

You hold the power to deeper authentic awareness and soul aligned healing

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Clarity                                                 Direction                                             Presence


When you trust enough to surrender to your soul's calling, you foster your most authentic energy. To embody your whole-life, you must get aligned in body, soul, and mind.

Do you trust yourself enough to pause into the sacred beat of your heart and ask what it wants, needs, desires? And then have the courage to follow through?

Do you trust yourself enough to pause into your sacred breath long enough to quiet the urge to act and run on fast forward?

Do you trust that when you embody Earth's medicine and follow its rhythm that you're always held with infinite support to guide you?

​The beat of your heart and that of the Earth are aligned to the same drum.

Healing takes place on many levels and each person's energy has unique needs.


Through my intuitive healing sessions, we can realign your energy's natural rhythm.


Human Design

Gene Keys


Oracle Readings

Rune Readings

Akashic Records


Chakra/Aura cleansing

Quantum Reiki

EFT tapping


Sound healing


Frequency Infusion


Cellular Energy Redesign

Chakra purification

Ways I work with energy, insight, and healing:

During the healing I felt my heart open up and I felt a ‘space’ around it. It felt very peaceful yet expansive. I don’t think I’ve felt something like that before but it was lovely. I had the feeling that I could expand into the universe.

Nic Fewkes, Air Traffic Controller

What You Can Expect:

You're held in a sacred space

I will respect and honor your energy

I practice energy hygiene and boundaries

My energy is cleansed and cleared before and after our session

You can always ask questions

You'll finish feeling recharged, relaxed, and rejuvenated

I will follow up with you the next day with a personalized report

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