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Being in a sacred space and community is vital to your overall growth and well-being.

As a member each month you'll receive new practices, prompts, and meditations, and be invited to attend the Monthly Authentic Light Embodiment Temple.


a safe space where you can be accepted, loved, and appreciated just as you are

Embody the frequency of you

Are you a woman who is looking to be held in sacred space - wanting to be witnessed, heard, valued, and supported? Do you want to be in a safe container where you are part of collaborative leadership and communion?

I embody the art of holding sacred space and creating deep presence. You can count on me to be fully present with you while helping you to see your highest truth.

My hope is that you will feel accepted, loved, and appreciated for who you are.

The Authentic Light Embodiment Temple includes:

~One live temple session (60-minutes) per month

~One live themed discussion session (60-minutes) per month

~Lunar and seasonal forecast and wisdom

~monthly guidebook

~sacred practices

~Support and positive motivation through a safe, private portal

~Event invitations and member discounts

~Each month varies of what you'll receive in the way of readings, resonance practices, journal prompts, and elemental - lunar - seasonal guides to support and enhance your journey.


*You may cancel anytime and you will not be charged for the following month of membership.

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Beautiful Ways You'll Benefit:

~curate new practices into your current regime

~become more intentional in creating time and space for YOU

~be witnessed, held, heard, and supported

~find solace in the company of like-minded individuals

~bathe in your worthiness

~connect more deeply to your soul's callings

~give and receive love, compassion, and kindness

You're worthy of sacred embodiment