Tarot & Oracle Card Readings

10+ years of card reading experience

$60 Personalized and In-Depth Tarot Card Reading = 60 min. 
$40 Personalized and In-Depth Oracle Card Reading = 40 min. 

What you will receive: Prep packet emailed before session, a personalized post reading packet emailed after the session and 1 intuitive message per week sent to your email.

Authentic Numbers Guidance

Personalized Authentic Insight Number Guidance


Insightful intuitive personalized numerology report of your unique numbers.

Looking for insight into what career you're most suited for? Curious what the vibration of your numbers reveal about you? Request your Authentic Insight Personalized Number Guidance with me.

What to expect:

You'll receive a lovely personalized PDF with all the guidance you need about your specific numbers to keep and refer back to anytime.

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"I sat in amazement how she described the personal journey I've been on the past year and a half, and continue to be on. The reading gave me great insight into myself and what I still need to work on. Nancy is a kind, compassionate soul that I was able to trust completely."

~Sharlin Melton

"I asked Nancy to do a tarot card reading for me because I was looking for guidance and confirmation that I was moving down the right path. Her reading confirmed what I knew and has given me the clarity I needed to move forward towards what I know is my destiny. Nancy's spirit, kindness, empathy and compassion made the reading a positive and comforting experience. I look forward to the next one!

~Cassie Elliott

"My reading was so precise I had goosebumps! I loved the personalized gift afterwards and look forward to regular readings."

~Jena Valenz

"I came away from my 6 month oracle reading feeling clear and refreshingly positive about what could unfold in my life. I highly recommend a reading from Nancy!"

~Becca Porter

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