I work with sensitive, soul-led women who are ready to stop hiding, start shining, and activate their voice, gifts, and heart to step into emboldened leadership.

Did you know that as sensitive, soul-led women, focusing solely on mindset tactics leads you away from your highly intuitive nature, keeps you in energetic overwhelm, and negates where your true power lies.

You are here to lead from your heart, your soul, your inherent gifts, and above all, from your unique, authentic frequency.

You're here to align with your energetic origin, not be afraid of it or follow someone else's destiny. You were tasked with a different way of being and doing, and more than ever you're being asked to show up unapologetically as the sensitive soul-led woman you are. To embrace her, embody her, and blaze your own trail as her.

Are Your Looking To:

Live more freely from your heart

Nurture and reconnect to your feminine energy

Ride your feelings and emotional waves in a way that is informative and compassion-filled

Bravely express yourself and find the power behind your voice

Explore your energetic imprints to better embody your authentic truth

Get out of your own way so you can walk this world as a light leader

Be in harmony with yourself and the world around you

Lean into a place of unshakeable trust

Learn practices to lighten up and let go of negative energies

Heal not just this lifetime but past lineages

Overcome energetic anxiety and overwhelm

Set and maintain healthier boundaries

Get unstuck from old patterns and conditioned behaviors

Cultivate more happiness each day

I Know This Path Well


I've always been connected to the energies around me. I was too young to understand that I was an empath, an energy sensitive being, a lightworker, and gifted an authentic design that was all about seeking out balance and harmony, deciphering signs, here to be an innovator and leader, and to make it my life's work to embody my authentic and aligned imprint.

I wore myself out trying to be someone I wasn't, I burned myself out hustling in a masculine energy, I numbed myself out because my heart, soul, and body ached, and I pushed away from my personal truth because I didn't understand the incredible empowerment that comes with being so highly connected. I wasn't like anyone else I knew. I didn't operate the same way others did. I didn't share the same interests with anyone. I worked so damn hard to fit in and belong. And I didn't need to.

All the while I was being given signs and symbols, being channeled information, being led towards authenticity and alignment. Only to keep choosing wrong paths and making wrong decisions.

Until I surrendered. Until I accepted. Until I awakened to how it could be. From that moment, new pathways emerged, doors and portals opened, and my life-force energy got activated. I want that for you because I see you, and I see where you're meant to be. I see the overwhelming fear of expressing yourself as you truly are. I also see the way forward. Let's travel an easier path together.


What If You...

Embraced your truth

Experienced more presence

Embodied inner peace

Maintained healthy boundaries

Healed old wounds

Released negativity

Made friends with your challenges

Renewed your inner dialogue

Grounded effortlessly

Enhanced your overall well-being

Expressed your soul's voice

Lead from your authentic frequency

This is what my 1:1 clients experience. This is part of my mission and why in this lifetime - to help you embody your authentic and aligned frequency so you can shine and lead and heal yourself, others, and the world.

It is because of my mission, my passion, and my heartfelt desire to serve more that I'm opening this academy. Trust that you are needed right now. Trust that you're being called to pick up the torch. Trust that you have everything you need within yourself.


Will you get out of your way so you can light the way? If so, let's do this!


Authentic Frequency Academy™
6 months

workshop or academy pic_edited.jpg

Results include:

~Clarity around the energy you came here with and how to work with it.

~Direction on how to leverage your challenges as catalysts to a higher frequency and perspective.

~Confident presence so you can be seen, heard, and valued from integrity.

~Seasonal practices that help you release and clear negative energies so you can feel lighter and happier.

~Silence the self-critic and negative mind chatter to cultivate harmony through self-love and confidence.

~Deeper appreciation for who you are and the ways your sensitivity heighten your self-value and worth.

~Open up new portals to abundance and prosperity within you and the world.

~Spark hidden creativity and vitality to expand into limitlessness.

~Be more present and grounded each day.

~Harmonized feminine and masculine energies.

~Get out of your own way so you can light your path and the path of others in a way that feels aligned to you.

~Empowerment around sensitivity as a loving and beautiful gift.



Give yourself the permission to move through this world as the enriched, embodied, and emboldened leader you are. It's time to reclaim, own, and honor the authentic and aligned frequency of YOU!

The Authentic Frequency Academy™ includes:

~Two LIVE sessions per month for 6 months

~One 60-minute LIVE Q&A session per month

~Three private 1:1 sessions - the first in month one, the second in month three, and the third session a week after completion where we will dive deeper into your personal energetic imprints

~There will be time off for the holidays

~Holy Fire® Reiki healing sessions

~Seasonal practices to amplify your well-being and deepen healing

~Strategies to align with current, seasonal, lunar, and cosmic energies

~Free membership in the Authentic Light Embodiment Community

~Heartfelt support through text, email, and a private client portal

~Special bonuses and discounts to support and enhance your journey

Total cost $1800

$1500 if paid in full

$300 x 6 monthly payments


$225 x 8 monthly payments



What Makes This Academy experience Unique?


I draw from over 30 years of studying the mystic healing arts, various forms of earth and quantum energy healing modalities, and my highly intuitive gifts, along with certification in mental health, mindfulness, life coaching, Human Design, Gene Keys, Holy Fire®III Karuna Reiki® Master/Teacher, and the Akashic Records.

As an energy sensitive woman myself, I always apply my learnings as a student before I ever teach. With a solid understanding of energy, the knowledge that in this lifetime I'm meant to teach authenticity and alignment, and the positive and embodied way I serve others, all come together in a way that will give you results.

I don't believe in rapid healing - healing isn't linear - and I'm not here to fix you or teach you a one-way formula. If you apply the teachings, you will see incredible results during our six-months together.

Give yourself permission to embody The Frequency Of You