Hi, I'mNancy

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I reside in Oregon with my husband and cat, where I enjoy tending our garden and relaxing in front of our magical pond oasis where many feathered friends visit including owls, hawks, woodpeckers, pygmy nuthatches, and faeries.

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Just like you, I have unique gifts and wisdom. These gifts and wisdom enable me to create an environment for potent transformation to take place. Clients come to me for the experience I provide and how I intuitively bring clarity to areas that they've lost sight of, whether personal, professional, or spiritual.


My expertise is in clarifying the origin of patterns and unproven belief systems so you can stop getting in your way. I reconnect you to your personal power. Where you see flaws, I see potential. Where you feel lost, I shed light on your highest truth.


I show you how to make peace with your challenges so you can Lead from your Frequency, align with your authentic purpose, and embody your magnetic presence.

"The energy in me honors the energy in you" ~Nancy

Why Work With Me