Hi, I'm Nancy

 After spending many years sick and deteriorating due to an undiagnosed autoimmune disorder, I'd been all but ready to check out. I didn't recognize myself in the mirror anymore, I'd lost precious time, I was disconnected from my mind, body, and soul, and I found it difficult to find joy in my life.

 Once I'd made some major lifestyle changes I devoted myself to learning everything I could about who I was, what I was destined for, and the value of making my energy and well-being a priority.


 While my transformations didn't happen overnight, nothing meaningful ever does. The further I delved into energy the more I shifted into a higher level of consciousness. Life became more vibrant and rich. Add to that years of a going deep into my inner journey and finding peace through various spiritual paths.


 I found myself with far more energy, vitality, radiance, passion, and lust for life I had, far more than I did back in my twenties.


 In this higher vibration, I'm able to run several successful businesses, be present in my life for everyone who needs me, teach and heal others daily, and follow my dreams without a cost to my well-being. 


 As a specialist, speaker, and published writer about energy psychology, human design, quantum energy, authentic alignment, embodiment and healing, and spiritual/soul guidance, I help evolving women, men, seasoned business owners, coaches, and healers who are awakening to their higher consciousness and are ready for next level energy shifts to go ALL IN with their authentic life and infinite legacy.


To learn more about my Infinite Energetic Legacy Sessions, click the button below.

Nancy Jackson

Certified Energy Practitioner & Healer

Certified Transformation Coach

Certified Reiki Master/Teacher

Mindfulness Life Coach Practitioner

Human Design Specialist

Spiritual Teacher

Conscious Leader




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