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Hi, I'm Nancy!

Combining my background in transformational and authentic embodiment wisdom, mental health, and sacred healing arts, with practical energetic and spiritual principles, I help you gain clarity, direction, and confident presence so you can create a strong foundation to grow your dreams into reality from.


I initiate you into your personal truth. Where you see flaws, I see potential. Where you feel lost, I shed light on your highest truth.

First and foremost, becoming and authentic and aligned is my life and soul purpose. I walk my talk and hold myself accountable.

Helping women (and some men) come back home to who they are is my passion. The incredible peace and happiness that I receive as I witness a client's transformation story align with their authentic purpose is unlike anything else in this world. There's nothing more beautiful than being who you truly are.

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I reside in Oregon with my husband and cat, where I enjoy tending our garden and relaxing in front of our magical pond oasis where many feathered friends visit including owls, hawks, woodpeckers, pygmy nuthatches, and faeries.

"The Energy In Me Honors The Energy In You"  ~Nancy

Get to know me

What I most admire about other people:

authenticity, honesty, compassion

My unique gifts:

Highly intuitive, energy reader and Oracle

My favorite soulful practices:

drumming, dancing, reiki, altars

What I am known for:

Trust, support, high-quality client care, celebrating all progress, being real


Authentic Embodiment Mentor

Certified Transformation Coach

Human Design & Gene Keys Specialist

Mental Health Specialist

Spiritual Guide

Sacred Arts Healing Practitioner

Holy Fire®III Karuna Reiki® Master/Teacher

Oracle, Seer, Visionary

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Crossroads are catalysts of change

You don't have to have it all figured out, you simply need to get to the heart of you - the brilliant, authentic, origin of the you that you were always meant to be.

There's incredible freedom in truth - let yourself be liberated. Gain renewed positivity and self-worth, find inner fulfillment, say yes to all those desires you so easily distance yourself from, and let freedom from untrue stories, false identities, and deep belief blocks be your catalyst to change.

You were born to have a life of happiness, abundance, purpose, and success all on your terms.

Say YES to a life that feels











Click below to book a free Clarity Call with me and receive a mini reading for next step insight into your life and business.

My Mission

Authentic and Aligned is on a mission to inspire soul-led women who are living out of sync in their lives and businesses, to reconnect to their authentic rhythm so they can show up with integrity, confidence, and divine radiance, while helping to make change in others and the world.

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