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You have everything you need within yourself. You simply need to get out of your own way and trust.

let's do this!

Hi, I'm Nancy!

I'm an authentic embodiment and energetic mastery mentor, transformational guide, sacred spaceholder, and frequency priestess for sensitive, soul-led women just like you who struggle with not knowing how to showcase your unique talents and getting in your own way. I help you gain clarity, direction, and confident presence so you can shine as the leader you are and take your rightful place into the higher frequency of New Earth.


I initiate you into your personal truth. Where you see flaws, I see potential. Where you feel lost, I shed light on your highest truth.

Unlike other coaches who teach specific formulas and focus solely on mindset, I have guided countless women through my unique experience and framework that blends sacred healing arts, quantum elements, to facilitate deep foundational work, authentic embodiment, embedded energetic imprints, and highly intuitive healing. I love to lead women through heart-centered mentorship, group programs, workshops, community, and women's circles.

I show you how to make peace with your challenges so you can align with your authentic purpose, embody your magnetic presence, and Lead from your Frequency.

pond magic.jpg

I bathe in the authentic beauty of Mother Earth

I reside in Oregon with my husband and cat, where I enjoy tending our garden and relaxing in front of our magical pond oasis where many feathered friends visit including owls, hawks, woodpeckers, pygmy nuthatches, and faeries.

"The Energy In Me Honors The Energy In You"  ~Nancy

Get to know me

What I most admire about other people:

authenticity, honesty, compassion

One of my most favorite books:

Anne of Green Gables

My favorite soulful practices:

drumming, dancing, reiki, altars

A website I visit every single day, no exceptions:

Canva - love creating!


Authentic Embodiment Initiator

Certified Transformation Coach

Human Design & Gene Keys Specialist

Mental Health Specialist
Mindfulness Practitioner

Holy Fire®III Karuna Reiki® Master/Teacher

Oracle, Seer, Visionary


embody woman.jpg

NOW is your most empowered moment

When you take the time to know who you are, to understand your nature, your heart, and your deep soul callings, life begins to show up in all the ways you want.

With an expanded perspective, and renewed inspiration to find new and innovative ways of living, you can create limitless transformation from the ground up.

Your most authentic foundation isn't one that asks you to go against your core beliefs, your sovereign being, or governs your mind or body. It simply asks you to open to it and love it unconditionally because your foundation is made up of everything that encompasses you.

Are You Ready To Feel











Give yourself permission to embody The Frequency Of You

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