My Story

I'm passionate about empowering you to create a successful work-life balance from a place of higher value, vibration, and vitality!

I've always been driven with an entrepreneurial mindset. At 12-years-old I went into business for myself. I babysat, walked dogs, watered plants, did light yardwork, and supervised garage sales. The next year I added birthday party planner and events caterer. I grew a list of loyal customers who happily referred me, and it didn't hurt that I made a sizable income. 

In high school I expanded my skill set and offers. While friends complained about their jobs, I loved being my own boss.

I entered my 40s with more vitality than I could remember, and it's something that I want for you too


Life is precious and you're here to showcase your talents, gifts, and wisdom in a way that is complimentary to your life, not in a way that depletes it.

Fast forward into my 30s, after years of entrepreneurial success, I began experiencing numerous symptoms and debilitating fatigue. Despite my attempts to ignore that anything was wrong, my body called me out. While my husband and son were supportive, I didn't handle being out of the driver's seat well. 


After a diagnosis of an autoimmune disorder with a six month likelihood of survivability, I quickly recalibrated my priorities. As much as I loved to work, my big vision required me to take my health very seriously. I plunged into every facet of wellness possible and over time I healed myself. Then I began to help heal others. 

Energy wellness not only became a passion, but it became my soul purpose. 

Authentic and Aligned was built on the values of authenticity, meaningful work, and a passion to guide empowered women into their most energetically aligned and authentic life, so they can keep building empires without burning out or sacrificing whole-life success.


If you're ready to optimize your energy and create a work-life alignment, I'd love to chat with you. Together we can refill that beautiful fuel tank!

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