Hi, my name is Nancy. Thank you so much for stopping by with your beautiful energy!


I'm an Intuitive Life, Energy, and Spiritual Mentor & Healer.


I help YOU, the woman ready to shift into a higher vibration, with EFFECTIVE WAYS TO ALIGN YOU TO YOUR ENERGETIC LEGACY.


My methods include energy alignment, vibrational attunement, divine empowerment, soul nourishment, and spiritual recalibration for a higher frequency life. 

Do you resonate with any of the following:


     *Feel disconnected mentally, emotionally, spiritually

     *Struggle to love and value yourself


     *Strive to stay positive and inspired

     *Are spiritually restless or starved

     *Neglect your own needs through people pleasing

     *Resonate as a highly sensitive or an empath

     *Thrive best with accountability

     *Desire more for yourself but lack support

     *Are ready for a transformation

Change your energy to change your life.

If you're lacking the drive, direction, and excitement to show up each day, why not make a choice right now, to alter that.  


I've created proven methods that have transformed my life and the lives of my beautiful clients. It lights me up to see each and every one of them evolve into vibrant women who love themselves and the life they lead. 


I offer a creative, motivating, compassionate, and supportive experience. I work with you to put the best possible version of yourself back into the spotlight so you can shine in all your authenticity.


Your time is precious and valuable. Click the button below to chat with me and see if we have a good energy connection. 

Nancy Jackson

Intuitive Energy Practitioner & Activator

Reiki Master/Teacher

Crystal Healer

Shamanic Lightworker

Published Wellness Writer

© 2018-2019 Authentic and Aligned with Nancy Jackson. 

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