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"The energy in me honors the energy in you" ~Nancy

As CEO and Founder of Authentic and Aligned, I've created a diverse blend of ancient, modern, and multidimensional wisdom and healing to bring clarity, calibration, and direction to women (and modern men) through an authentic whole-self journey.

I'm also a Women's Ceremony and Ritual Facilitator.


A portion of new client sign-ups is donated to the restoration of Mother Earth through various nature-centric partnerships.

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My passion is to align you to your authentic, sovereign being.

You're meant to lead an empowered, liberated, and soul connected whole life filled with all the joy, abundance, and love you desire.

When you're ready, I'm ready.

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I reside in Oregon with my husband and cat Pooks, where I enjoy tending our lush garden and relaxing in front of our magical pond oasis where many feathered friends visit including owls, hawks, woodpeckers, pygmy nuthatches, and faeries.

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