1:1 Personalized Sessions

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3 Month & 6 Month Personalized Sessions

To fully benefit in mind, body, and spirit, I offer 3 Month & 6 Month Personalized 1:1 Sessions

To find out how I can best help you meet your personal goals and needs, set up an Alignment Guidance Call first and we'll go from there. Please click here to book.

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Energy & Space Clearing

Energy can linger in a room for hours, days, or more. The stronger the energy, the stronger the imprint it leaves behind. 

With a few simple shifts and a stronger understanding of how energy works, you'll learn how to transform stagnant, nervous, heavy, frustrating, stress-related energy into a space filled with focus, clarity, creativity, or whatever intention is meant for the room. 

With my decade of energy experience and expertise, I'm able to help you create an efficient and optimal space to thrive in. I'll teach you simple yet effective energy activation tips and space clearing methods, powerful Reiki symbols that will maximize the energy boost in your space, and options of adding colors that will enhance the overall experience. 


One session one hour = $49

Are you ready to influence the energy in your space?

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