Lead From Your Frequency

Guiding soul-led women and service-based business owners to deepen into their personal truth, embody their authentic foundation, and energetically align their life and business aspirations.

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When you Lead From Your Frequency, you amplify your Resonance, Resilience, and Radiance

Beyond the back-end and systems of your business, there's you and the authentic expertise that you came here to share. I'm all about initiating you into your personal truth and guiding you towards creating a life and business that is authentic and aligned.


Regardless if you're newly dipping your toe into the business pool or you're already established, if your business foundation isn't solid, if you aren't solid in your personal truth, all the inspired action won't energetically sustain the stability, security, and the desired soulful reach you want. When you lead from the higher resonance of your intuitive heart, you will open the doors to prosperity and abundance.


With clarity of your why, soul-led direction, and confident presence, you will have the powerful framework to architect the meaningful business you seek AND shift the way you experience yourself in business.

The stronger your foundation, the more magnetic your gifts, wisdom, and outreach. When you have solid footing the rest will follow. Everything you do will resonate out into the world. Resonance is about going deeper into the authentic frequency from which you work, and the alignment of your business aspiration and the life you foresee. When you have a strong base, when you are energetically aligned, your resonance will call in what you want, and from a higher frequency.

Using the energetic imprints of Numerology, Human Design, Gene Keys, along with your intuitive heart intelligence, you can fully embody the natural you. The you that attracts your tribe with ease rather than through patriarchal hustle and grind tactics.


You'll connect with and revitalize your energy centers through healing and alignment practices combined with personal energy checks. It's truly a soul awakening experience to get back to your roots and become more aware of the unique medicine and voice that you may have felt the need to suppress in order to fit into misaligned identities.

You'll also learn how to holistically market and create content from your unique energetic design. Gone are the days of one-size fits all business models that are generally short-lived and not created for long-haul success. The way you resonate will be completely authentic and aligned to you.

Once you have a strong foundation in place, it's time to strengthen your Resilience so you can get and stay out of your own way. As you call in your Gold Aligned clients and grow your business this is a time when confidence can waiver. To ascend and expand, you'll learn how to bust through old myths and stories that surface in an attempt to stall your progress, cement in effective personal and professional boundaries, become more consciously aware of recurring patterns, and see challenges as a guide and buffer rather than as obstacles.

Together we'll dive well beyond the surface and into the murky depths where the most vital identities exist. Great remembrance and healing takes place here to pull you from victim-based, malnourished living to surrendering into vitality and flow. This is a story-changer!

You'll develop unshakeable trust by dialing up your intuitive intelligence while mastering how you read the energies of your clients, others, and the environment. This will up-level your inner strength and self-reliance and enable you to make decisions from your higher self rather than decisions initiated through fear.

You'll gain traction in your business without losing sight of where you're headed or compromising your energy. Other aspects in resilience include keeping your business fun, your confidence intact, and honoring your self-value and self-worth. In other words, emphasis is on de-mystifying what hides your ability to access hidden talents and gifts. With a strong core belief system, you'll thrive heart-centered and soul-led.

Radiance rounds out a year's worth of support and authentic business building by fine-tuning all that has been incorporated with added emphasis on your self-expression, emboldening your authentic voice, and radiating an empowered essence.

You'll continue to uncover hidden talents and level up your energy to Lead From Your Heart and Soul Frequency.

Radiance is true energetic embodiment, integrity, and showcasing yourself as an expert. This is also a time to consider how you want to create reciprocity in your business endeavors.


You'll gain valuable knowledge in how to connect your unique energetic blueprints, mindset, intuition, and heart to create a whole-based experience for your aligned clients with a focus on positive change rather than pain points.

At the core of radiance is calling in the abundance that exists within you and the world. Not only does this empower you in female leadership, but renders you limitless in your aspirations. You'll discover more harmony, an ease to manifest your desires, and a knowing that you carry everything you need within.

To fully evolve your soul-led, heart-centered business, you must first identify and own the energy you fuel it with.


"She helped me to reach my goals and become the best version of myself." Jessica Dreiling, Rae of Sunshine Flowers


old beliefs, static patterns, unproven stories, and hidden influences


your intuitive heart frequency to regain clarity, direction, and presence


an expanded awareness to create energetic flow in your life and business


your magnetism to attract clients, opportunities, possibilities, and abundance

As Your Business Guide, I'll co-create and collabrate with you to:

What You Can Expect:

  • One-to-one 75 min twice monthly Zoom calls for 12 months

  • Breakthrough intuitive heart intelligence and energy shifts to de-condition, gain clarity, and be more expansive

  • Integrate your authentic energetic imprints through Numerology, Human Design, Gene Keys to (re)create your sustainable and aligned business foundation

  • Holistically market in a way that compliments your unique energetic design

  • Create content that embodied your authentic messaging

  • Awaken life-force energy centers to take initiative and embody leadership

  • Harmonize your masculine (practical) and feminine (innate wisdom) energetics

  • Personalized Energetic Imprint Guide

  • Up-level your authentic abundance belief system to receive universal wealth

  • Identify boundaries so you don't over-promise beyond your energetic integrity

  • Be seen, guided, and supported via voice, text, and email

  • Private client portal for self-accountability

  • Next-steps session recaps to embody and apply between calls

  • Individualized practices and visualizations to make your own

  • 6 Holy Fire® Healing Experiences to amplify deep healing and soulful empowerment

Lead From Your Frequency 1:1 12 month Program

Total cost $4000 if Paid In Full

12 x monthly payments of $400

"I'd always felt like I was holding myself back from becoming the person I knew that I could be in life, and Nancy helped me to let go of some of the limiting beliefs that I'd long held and to protect and enhance my energy and intuition which led to some incredible shifts taking place for me"

Polly Bagley, Follow Your Sunshine

This program is for you if:

You're a soul-led trailblazer, visionary, pioneer who is turned off by the impersonal and detached business models and systems.


You know that you're here to facilitate the human connection and it's what inspired you to start your business, or what you've always seen for yourself.


You're here to help other women (and men) rise.


You're uninterested in illusion, manipulation, or compromising your integrity.

You aren't here to follow old systems but to create a new one that is in alignment with your authentic self.


You're here to not only heal yourself, but heal others, the world, and Mother Earth in the process.


You've experienced your fair share of coaches who didn't really see you or value your unique energy.

You want someone who is many cycles in to her own authentic and aligned life, and want to be supported through your growth and expansion as you integrate and apply new ways.


You are ready and willing to put in the work because you know in your core that it's the inner work that makes all the outer work meaningful and impactful.

This program isn't for you if:

You aren't ready to get up close and personal with your authentic truth.

You're driven by quick fixes rather than understanding the cure.

You support a hustle and grind attitude and lifestyle around business.

Your business mission doesn't include giving back to others and the world in some valuable way.

You aren't willing to do the hard work and prefer to have everything done for you.

You're looking to set up a business that has little to do with creating real connections and nurturing your clients and community.

Your only goal is to make 10K a month, at any cost.

You aren't willing to see new perspectives or be challenged to try new ways of being.

You want everything now and don't want to be fully supported throughout the year.

You aren't ready for one helluva transformation.

Get all your questions answered in this deep dive 45 minute clarity and connection call to see if we are a good fit to co-create and collaborate with together. Book your call below.

Why clients love to work with me:

I challenge you step into your authentic power from a place of compassion.

I have a gift of seeing you as you truly are.

I excel at finding and disrupting patterns and belief systems that keep you in limbo.

I'm a natural harmonizer of energies. I've understood energy since I was a child.

You can count on me to be fully present and engaged in your transformational journey.

What you see is what you get - I uphold the very principles of which I named my business.