Shift from uncertainty to clarity so that you can build a strong foundation that's in alignment with your business aspiration and life’s purpose.

Clarity                                                 Direction                                             Presence

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"Your frequency unifies and amplifies your passion, potential, and purpose"

To create a solid foundation in your business that you can grow from, you want to be clear in the direction you plan to take your clientele. Is your aspiration aligned with your mission? This is one of the areas that we will cover in my flagship offering Resonance.

Beyond the back-end, systems, and details of your business, there's you and the platform you're creating. If your foundation isn't solid, if you aren't solid in your purpose, the execution won't create the stability and security you want. Understand your purpose, believe in your why, and you have the tools to architect the meaningful business you've been dreaming about.

During our 8-weeks together, you'll be able to create a strong concept around how your transformation process looks like and draw from your skills, gifts, and natural abilities that are uniquely yours. To fully understand your client's story, you want to identify yours. You'll be amazed at how similar they are.


You'll gain valuable tools in how to connect your mindset, energy, intuition, and heart to create a holistic experience with focus on positive change rather than pain points.

When you have clarity around your values and a solid foundation in place, you can confidently move forward and build magnetic relationships and connections from trust.

Resonance is about going deeper into the authentic frequency from which you work, and the alignment of your aspiration and purpose. When you have a strong base, when you are aligned, your resonance will call in what you want.


"She helped me to reach my goals and become the best version of myself." Jessica Dreiling, Rae of Sunshine Flowers


old beliefs, static patterns, unproven stories, and hidden influences


your Higher Self frequency to regain clarity, direction, and presence


an expanded awareness to create energetic flow in your life and business


your authentic conscious creator energy so you can design a life you lead and love

As Your Mentor, I'll work with you to:

What You Can Expect:

  • 60 min Deep Dive Session to outline your personalized journey

  • 60-75 min 1:1 sessions x 7

  • Empowering shifts and solutions

  • Tools and resources that are unique to you

  • Unlimited support, accountability, and check-ins

  • Choice of weekly or bimonthly sessions - whichever is more convenient for you

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